911 received on 6/1/15 Tape Deciphered


V=Victim   D+Dispatcher

D:  911 whats your emergency

V:  Yes I have people trying to break into my house right now

D:  Whats your address

V:  Oh my gosh, um 4117 E. Morenci Rd. in the Copper Basin

D:  OK 4117 E Morenci Rd in Copper Basin

V: Yes

D:  Do you know who they are

V: No, they are like teenagers (unknown info) they keep knocking on my door trying to open the door

D:  OK just stay on the line with me.  Are there any weapons in the house?

V: Yes, Im going to get in my room and lock the door (talking to the dogs)

D:  Mamm are they ringing the door bell

V: Yes and they keep trying to open the door and banging on the door

D:  Just tell them you called the cops

V:  OK (Pause) Im calling the cops, Ive called the cops, Ive called the cops

D: Mamm did they say anything to you

V: No hes still trying to get in and he wont leave (talking to the dogs)

D:  Maim can you go lock yourself in a room somewhere

V: Yeah  I am im trying to get my dogs GET IN HERE Squirt, sorry, get in here

D: Maim are they in the front the back or where

V: Im in the back of the house, hes at the front door and hes not leaving

D: So your in the back and hes at the front

V: Yeah and he tried to hit my win the front light, cause I have the light on and he tried to hit it to knock it out


V: Yeah hes still trying hes still trying

D: OK just stay on the line with me

V: Oh my Gosh

D:  Ok where are you in the house maim

V:  Im in the bedroom in the back I have a single level


V:  Hes still trying to get in

D:  Hes still at the front door

V: Yeah

D: OK  Maim have you had any problems with anybody

V: No

D: OK Any Ex-boyfriends or anything like that

V: No he’s a young kid im like in my 40’s (giggles)

D: Do you know who he is

V: No I have never seen that kid at least I know my dogs will bark but their Chihuahua so their not going to do much (giggle)

D; Right Did he respond to you when you yelled at him

V: No he just got madder I think he got more upset, he wants in my house, like I don’t know you, like he really wants in my house I thought he was talking to someone but I don’t see anyone else out there I don’t know if hes talking to himself but now he just keeps banging on the door

D: Just stay on the line with me OK

V: OK at least I have the deadbolt on but im afraid hes gonna get in the back cause like I have a doggy door and I don’t know he could probably break that but he hasn’t gone back there or anything so.

D: Have you heard him anymore

V: Yeah hes still knocking, banging on the door and trying to to open it

D: Can you tell what he is wearing?

V: If I had to go back out there, hes wearing a Tshirt and jeans I think but he cant get in I mean it’s a deadbolt so I don’t know how

D: Can you tell if hes white, black, Hispanic

V: He’s white

D: OK is he tall short

V: Yeah he’s tall cause Im 5’8” and he’s taller then me I can tell through the little whole hes probably at 6’ Light or brown hair

V: I think the Tshirts blue

26 second long delay in communication like the line went dead

V; Yeah I definitely never seen him before

D: OK maim I’ll let you know when the officers are (?)

V: yeah cause he’s still banging hes still here.


V: (Sigh) I don’t know if he’s on drugs

D: Yeah doing what hes doing

V:  He probably thinks hes at home and they wont let him in (giggle)

D: are you able to calm your dog down

V: No (giggle) Im actually locked in my bathroom now

D: your locked in your bathroom in your

V: Yeah cause I have a master suite so theres a bedroom and then my bathroom

D: And your in the back right

V: Yeah…..

D: Does he still sound like hes trying to break in, or do you hear him anymore

V: I don’t hear anything right now I just hear my dogs barking. Yes he’s still banging It startled me I’m a light sleeper so it sounded like something fell, but he was just knocking and my dog immediately started barking

D:  Speaking to someone else says are on the phone or anything are you on hard traffic I just wanted him to tell tom 20 that im  (????) hes on 59-11

Dog barking profusely

D; Man that dogs really upset hu.

V: yeah he’s pissed he’s only 6lbs. too (giggles) he’s ringing the door bell again

D: He’s ringing it

V: Ya know what I m gonna answer the door (giggles) Im like who is that. (?) if hes ringing the doorbell cause I thought if he thinks no one's home

D: Did he hear you or (?)

V: yeah he heard me he heard me he heard me cause he was like oh, ya know like (?) maybe he’s someone on drugs and thinks he's at home so he like why won't my mom let him in you know

D: Right

V:  Believe me this is not your house… yeah my one dog stopped barking but my other one (giggles) he’s (?)

D: Maim just stay on the line with me you're not going to be able to hear me but Ill be able to hear you


2 minute or so long pause

V: Squirt

D: Who’s yelling

V: Me at my dog (giggles) I'm sorry

D: That’s OK

V: He just won't shut up and he is not helping (giggles) Yeah he's still ringing the doorbell

D: he's still ringing the doorbell

V: Yeah

D: Maim you said you haven’t had any problems with anybody doing this or

V: No nope I just moved here in July I’m a teacher but I don’t teach here

D: Right

V: I made the mistake of not living where I teach

D: Right

V: I'm single, I live here by myself, I keep to myself I know if I called my neighbor right now things would not go down well for him but the polite thing to do then he would come out and probably beat him so I'm not gonna do that

D: Right…… that dog got a set of lungs on him hu

V:  Oh my dogs a pain (giggles)

D; You said he was a Chihuahua

V: Yeah my dogs a pain, (giggles) Yes he's so naughty (giggles) he's ruined so many things (giggle)

D: Too bad he doesn’t have a German Shepherd bark

V: Yeah I need like a dog amplifier to put on him I'm surprised my neighbor dogs aren’t going off or something

D: Maim just Give me one second maim…….

Pause 50 seconds dogs still barking

V:  Shhhh go lay down. I can hear the sirens

D: OK oh let's see yeah the officer is just coming down Hunt Hwy now

V: Oh my gosh

D:   I know they were coming from  another burglary

V:  something about attentions he looks like he keeps looking like hes at home (giggles)

D;  Yeah maybe he thinks he lives there. Sometimes these kids will get high and stuff like that and their thinking they live somewhere and they actually don’t ya know and nothing scares them. The officer is just turning onto Magma right now Ill let you know when hes

V:  well it should be let me think

D: Do you still hear him knocking

V: No well he keeps ringing the doorbell. Cause he should be on Coppermine Rd, Coppermine Rd

D: Right Oh your right he's turning on Coppermine Rd You said he's still ringing the doorbell

V: Yup he's still out there, now he’s yelling

D: He’s yelling

V: yes


V; Hes out front yelling

Radio silence 15 seconds

V:  Maybe their here I don’t know

D:  No the officer is just coming up to.. he just passed (stependoff?) he’s coming up to Muscovite              


D:  And then he’ll be, let’s see, he’ll be turning on Mineshaft Rd and then left on E. Morenci yeah cause he knows where you'r at we see you on the map

V: yeah well on a lot of GPS’s it won't show Mineshaft Rd.

D: Oh it wont

V: I'm sure you guys have like the best but

D: Yeah

Radio Silence about 20 seconds

D: Yeah he's just coming up Goldmine now

V:  Then he's almost here then

D: Do you still hear the guy knocking

V: I heard him yelling but I haven't hear him knock or ring the doorbell so he might be gone but I hope he stays so he gets in trouble (giggles) otherwise he won't learn his lesson, well he may still not even

D: And you’ve never seen this kid before hu

V:  No I've never seen him before because I walk my dogs and stuff and have seen other teenagers in my neighborhood, and he might be a little older then that maybe early 20’s

D:  The officers coming down Mineshaft he’ll be making a left here shortly and Ill let you know when you can go out OK

V: OK thank you

15 second pause

D: who was that Joe

V:  Stop barking please, you don’t need to bark anymore

45 seconds or so pausing in and out of radio silence

Another Dispatcher:  Police Chatter (Attention All Units Channel 5 advises Multiple taser deployments Code 4 subject at this time detained requesting additional units)

D: He's there so i'm sure he's either with him or looking around he hasn't said anything yet

V: Weather he's got him or not

D:  Yeah, Ill let you know

Pause Pause

V: Yeah they got him

D: They got him

V:  I think they might have tased him

D:  It sounds, it sounds like yeah he is ok ya they did the officers the partners there too I dont know what he's got and um hes there and they did tase him (V: Yeah)  So just go ahead and stay in the house mame.  So just try and stay in the house maim don’t come out

V: OK that’s fine…

V:  As a teacher I feel bad for that kid

D:  Maim hold on, hold on

V: OK (almost sounds like she's sobbing and said something to squirt)


D: Maim are you there

V: yeah

D: OK  I'll let you know when to go out do you see the officers

V: Yeah there asking him what are you doing and he said nothing (giggles)

D: Oh so he is talking

V: Yeah they helped him up now their looking at his eyes. Deputy Reyes:     What drugs are you on? What drugs are you on?  What drugs are you on.10 second pause, he’s fighting them,


D: He's what

V:  He’s resisting arrest


D:  .Yeah the RP says the RP says he's resisting arrest

Radio silence 30

D: What could you see now maim

V:  He’s on the ground with the male officer and the female officer I don’t see anymore but

D:  OK hold on one second for me please

Radio silence 20 seconds

 V: I guess he don’t have jeans on black pants (?)

Radio Silence 10 seconds

V:  The female officer is putting something on  his legs

D:  Oh yeah their probably hobbling him because hes probably kicking and stuff

V: Yeah

Radio silence in and out 15 seconds

V: He called the officer a fatty

D: The officer a what

V:  A fatty (giggles)

D: The officers what maim

V:  the kid called the officer a fatty

D: Oh he called the officer a fatty oh sounds like a real nice kid hu

V:  Yeah, Well he sat on him so (giggles)

D: He must have gave him a hard time from the tazing many times

V: Yeah he looks like he's out of breath too, he’s fighting them

D: He’s still fighting them

V: No he was and like you said they got on top of him and hobbled him

V:  My one dogs still barking

D:  Maim what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go ahead and let you go now that they have the suspect detained and all, just do me a favor and don’t go out until the officers knocks on the door.

V: thank you very much

D:  OK Bye


SIDENOTES:   Where is the dispatcher getting her street names from.  Here is a general overview of where she said he was at that point              

Notice how long of a ride it is if you are doing the speed limit.   If you look back at Sgt. Sherwoods report, (The same report that got him indicted) let me know how these can be one and the same.  tararolleri@aol.com

This audio deciphering is farely accurate to the audio itself.  The constant pauses and breaks were suspicious to me.  I have heard other recordings that did not have that type of dead space that this recording has.  Also worth noting was that the dispatcher was making the victim report what she saw after the breaks.  Hot traffic for dispatch was overheard saying multiple taser deployments before the victim was informed that the officers were there.  We were given the tape on June 1st 2015 after the settlement conference.  Apparently Chelsea Peterson held onto it for several months before giving it to us.  She knew what the cops did but refused to go against the brotherhood for fear of backlash.  She saw the judge 2 weeks later and quit.